What Can a Property Manager Do for Me?

What Can a Property Manager Do for Me?

Those who own investment property in Wantagh, NY, can earn a good income from rentals. That's because over 95% of homes are owner-occupied.

This creates a high demand for rental properties in this growing neighborhood.

A property manager helps you enjoy the best benefits of owning a Long Island investment property. They take care of every aspect related to your rental properties.

These include rent collections and owner disbursements. Keep reading to explore what a property management company can do for you.

A Property Manager Boosts Your Property's Appeal

Even in a strong rental market, tenants move on, and you may find yourself struggling to find new ones. A property management company knows how to market and price your rental properties so they appeal to more tenants.

They conduct extensive rental comps to ensure you enjoy the best rental rates. They can guide you when it comes to value-added improvements for your investment home.

Empty properties and rental turnovers cost you money. A property manager will ensure you enjoy maximum occupancy and low turnover.

Property Management Companies Assist Your Tenants

Bad tenants are worse than no tenants at all. Hiring a property manager helps ensure that only the best tenants end up occupying your home.

A property management firm subjects all rental applicants to stringent screening procedures. These include background checks like:

  • Criminal history
  • Landlord references
  • Employment verification

Tenant screening helps reduce the risk of costly evictions. It also protects your property from potential damage.

Property managers carry out these procedures according to prevailing landlord-tenant laws. In this way, they can save you from extended, expensive lawsuits due to unintentional discrimination.

The work doesn't stop after finding the perfect tenants.

Property managers handle all their queries and maintenance requests. You don't need to cope with emergency calls at inconvenient times.

When you collaborate with a property manager, you can own investment property anywhere.

Property managers carry out inspections to keep tabs on routine maintenance. They help manage everything to do with maintenance and repairs.

They'll also secure the best prices from contractors.

A Property Manager Handles Owner Disbursements

It's complicated to keep track of the income and expenses related to an extensive real estate portfolio. A property manager helps you stay up-to-date with all this paperwork.

Most management companies have a handy online owner portal. You can view all the transactions related to your property on demand using this technology.

This helps you keep track of expenses related to your property versus rental income, making it easier to manage your finances and your taxes.

How Can We Help You?

Apart from the above, a property management firm offers professionalism, knowledge, and experience. You'll enjoy constant communication about your investment properties to ensure peace of mind.

With PMI's network of property managers, you can expand your real estate portfolio across the country. Working with us is the best way to profit from all the most in-demand rental markets.

Empire Solutions can assist you with owner disbursements, tenant screening, inspections, etc.

Call us for help with managing your Long Island investment properties.