4 Things Community Association Management Services Do

4 Things Community Association Management Services Do

You've just made a new move and are still getting settled and getting to know all the new policies and terms. One of the terms you might be coming across is community association management. What does community association management mean?

You may have questions and don't know where to start to ask them. What makes community association management different from an HOA? What is the job of community association management?

Let's examine the difference between the HOA board and community association management. How does this management team make a difference in your HOA board? Below you'll find out what their job consists of and how it saves you time and protects your property.

1. Filing Reports & Managing Expenses

When an HOA is paid into every month the money goes to keeping up the grounds and doing the required maintenance. The job of the community association manager is to take the information the HOA board has retained and put it into action. The association manager files all of those reports and keeps track of the expenses that are spent on those projects.

2. First Line With Contractors & Vendors

Ever wondered who it is that all contractors and vendors report to when they come in to make changes to the property? That would be the sited manager's responsibility most of the time. Property management is all handled by the community association manager.

They have the job of keeping everything intact and running as smoothly as possible. For all inquiries that might arise regarding your HOA rules and regulations, the manager is the person to assess them and work with the contractors and vendors to fix any problems.

3. Responds to Suggestions & Complaints

The HOA board is not the one that handles the remarks made to the HOA association. This is the responsibility of the community association manager. They are the one who makes the changes and ensure that all problems are corrected.

The Community Association handles any complaints or changes that need to maintain the property. It is their job to ensure that the reports to the HOA board get followed through with and fixed in accordance with the rules.

4. Keeps Up With Local Laws

All properties have laws that must be followed and maintained. It is the job of the community association management team to maintain those laws and make sure that everything runs smoothly. The manager has the job of keeping an eye on the property and any changes that may arise and need fixing.

Community Association Management Is an Asset

From hiring janitorial staff to landscapers, community association management does a lot of work behind the scenes. They make sure that the maintenance is done and all of the paperwork is set in order. Your property is a better place because of the time and effort the Community Association Management puts in.

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